Who, What & Why?

Any occasional musings that appear on this blog will most often stray into music and poetry – mostly of the English variety, sometimes of his own making – but also into books more widely and those sorts of things that might occur to one in the everyday run of life.

Any such thoughts come from the curious organ that is the brain of Philip Lancaster, a composer, singer, researcher, writer, editor, lecturer and occasional poet, about whom you can find out more on his website, www.philiplancaster.com.

The title of the blog comes from Walt Whitman and Ralph Vaughan Williams, but it seemed like a good title for a blog where anything (or nothing!) may happen.  The picture at its head is a portion of John Constable’s ‘Old Sarum’: in my opinion one of his most wonderful cloudscapes.

I have previously maintained a blog about my work on Ivor Gurney which, if of interest, can be found HERE.  This site is nominally archived and I do not intend to add to it. Further musings on Gurney will undoubtedly appear on this Unknown Region.