Fulcrum into Creativity

This week has seen a great landmark for me: the completion and submission to the printer of the copy for the book that will stand as the first formal mile-stone in my original creative work: a short collection of poetry titled Fulcrum.

The title of the collection has a two-fold intention, reflecting both some of the key subject matter considered within the volume and also the fact that this is a pivotal point in the balancing of my work, with a desire to put greater emphasis on my own original creative ideas, musical and poetic, than on the editing and commentary of/on the works of others, which labours have for more than ten years dominated all that I am.  I first wrote of these intentions in a blog post of late December 2012, The Name and Nature of the Poet, and so it is an enormously pleasing moment to have reached the point of completing my first book (although in poetry publishing terms it is only a ‘pamphlet’).

The collection consists of thirteen poems, or rather two bookending poems between which are set eleven that are the meat of the book.  It is being hand printed by John Grice at the Evergreen Press, Gloucestershire, and will be a beautiful thing.  I have taken great care to select, with John’s advice and assistance, papers, colours and typefaces, and have also designed and executed the illustrative material for the book, so I hope will be a worthwhile volume if only as an object of some beauty, irrespective of the content.

I am publishing the volume by subscription in a limited edition of 100 copies, and at £15 a copy it is a very real bargain.  If you would like to order a copy prior to its formal publication on 1 June 2014, please do get in touch – details given below.



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